mcrouter-hub: An HTTP companion to Facebook’s mcrouter

Gophercon 2015 is right around the corner and that sets up the mood for another open source project.

So, what is mcrouter? Mcrouter is a memcache router that helps Facebook scale their Memcache infrastructure to 5 billion requests per second.

It has a dozen or so, read and write strategies for customized scaling experience: Replication, hot-cold warmup, shard by prefix to a separate backend pool, and live reload config file.

Why Go is beating the averages

In April 2001, rev. April 2003, Paul Graham wrote an article called “Beating the Averages”

This blog post is about how Go, following the rationale of that article, is the secret weapon that all startups should have.

Tollbooth: An HTTP rate limiter middleware in Go

Another great week leads to another OSS project. I am pleased to announce Tollbooth: #golang HTTP rate limiter middleware.

It allows you to limit access to each one of your request handlers.

For example, you may want to allow unlimited access to / but limit access to POST /login for as much as 10 requests per second per remote IP.

Can you build a web application in Go?

Surely the answer is yes. Any yet, a surprising number of people asked me this question. Something must have prevented them from writing web project in Go.

So, I began the journey…

Back to blogging again. This time in Go!

I’ve always wanted to have more control over my own blog, reducing as much bells and whistles as possible, and focus on just the essence: The posts themselves.

All my friends know that I’ve been enamored with Go nowadays. This blog engine (static-site generator) is another perfect excuse to write even more Go.

For your reading pleasure, I’ll share some of the blog’s interesting parts you may find useful.